Monday, 30 April 2012

The April Glossy Box!

Once again, my blogging efforts are less than adequate. I keep thinking of things to say but switching on the laptop is a rare occasion for me these days, as the iPhone well and truly feeds my internet habits.  The Blogger app for iPhone however is dire.  I find it's only really any good for the short and sweet posts like nail-of-the-day etc.

Anyway, Glossy Box. I found myself subscribing in March, when the whole Harrods box was being hyped about, so of COURSE I wanted in. I have been umming and ahhing about subscribing to GlossyBox for months, but the Harrods collaboration tipped me over the edge.  And I enjoyed my Harrods box, although I thought the other samples that the usual bloggers I follow were much better than mine; I would have loved the Burberry lippy or the Leighton Denny nail polishes. Hey ho. I did especially love the Clarins Extra Firming Body Cream, so much so that I bought it a week ago when my sample ran out.  I really felt like it does what it claims to do, and my boobs and tummy feel amazing since using it regularly. *Not an excuse for avoiding the gym like I have been doing for God knows how long*.

Onto the April Box:

 Inika Eyeline in SAPPHIRE: Gorgeous. Blue is not really the best colour for brown eyes, but I think it makes my own pop in a good way, there must be some violet undertones to the blue that compliment my eyes. It glides on the waterline like a dream and lasts a long time. Definitely a fan of this kohl formulation.

Caudalie Vinosource S.O.S Thirst Quenching Serum: Lovely, have been applying this after cleansing, before moisturising in the mornings and evenings.  It doesn't feel like it does anything when you apply it, but my skin looked especially soft and dewy the morning after an application and a decent sleep.  Not sure if I'd repurchase just yet, but its nice trying a skin serum for the first time so we'll see.

Monuspa Enriched Body Cream: Can't complain at a body cream sample, I always like to have one in any of my rotating handbags. This one is nice and moisturising, but nothing I would rave about at this point.

Figs & Rouge Lip Balm:  I once got one of theses as a freebie when I ordered something from the website and I loved it.  I was gutted when it must have overheated in my bag last summer, because it became all weird and crystallised like sugar in a balm.. not exactly luscious lips material.  And this sample I've received from GB is the exact same one I had before, so yippee! It really is a lovely lipbalm.. you can never have too many.

Lastly the Philip B Drop Dead Straightening Balm: I have been a total Moroccan Oil convert since... I don't know it's been a good 3 months at least.  I really do sing the praises of Moroccan Oil as I have never known my hair to look so healthy almost 3 months since it was last cut.  I do sometimes find with MO that my hair REALLY does need washing by Day 3, so it probably does build up a lot of residue in your hair.  I gave this balm a go yesterday, applying it to my wet-damp hair before blowdrying my hair upside down as usual.  I loved the result, my hair felt light and bouncy with a smooth finish. I wouldn't say it made the hair "dead straight" but I don't like that look anyway.  My hair feels much lighter today at Day 2 since washing as opposed to how I usually feel using MO, so I am definitely going to use more of Philip B.

What did you get in your Glossy Box this month?

I enjoyed these contents a lot this month, so for now, am continuing my subscription.  :)

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