Wednesday, 9 November 2011

4 Birthdays. Same Old Hair

Instead of sleeping, which is what normal people do at almost-3am, I was having a little reflection over old photos on FaceBook. Because, I haven't got to get up for work in the morning; not.

Anyway, I came to the awful realisation that for the past four birthdays I've had - that's 19, 20, 21 and now 22 - I have gone out in my little party dress rocking the SAME OLD MO'FO hairstyle!

Granted, there are slight variations: there was a bit of the old side fringe going on in all but my last birthday, and there is some definite differentiations in hair length and curl type or rather, "curl ugliness" let's be real.

As you can see from the picture I have collaged together using Diptic for iPhone:
19                                                20                                                       21                                                 22

- At 19, I look SO young, my face is round, make up is basically not there (even though it was) AND those curls are awful. I had them done with rollers at my local hairdresser. Great then, but looking back.. Wah. I thought I looked so hot that night. Paaah. Nights like these make me want to delete all photo albums from FB pre-2010.

- At 20.. Ah, I remember this phase i entered of falling in love a bit TOO deeply with the old bronzer. And it was bog standard Maybelline I'm sure. These curls were done with a straightening iron (most prob a GHD) at a different hairdresser. And I definitely knew what false eyelashes were, at last.

- 21. Sigh. Feels like forever ago. Actually another roller at hairdresser job. But not so bad, bigger rollers are better. I remember being absolutely coated in St Tropez in prep for this night, and thinking that in most of my photos that night, I looked like Big Bird (aka very yellow). I still look quite young though.

22 - I have been saying this all year and I'm gonna put it in writing: MY FACE HAS AGED. I'm not saying "I have wrinkles" but seriously, I very rarely look in the mirror anymore and think "this is the face of a little girl". I'm becoming more of an actual woman infront of my own eyes and it's scary.
Anyway.. THESE curls were acheived with the wonders of the Babyliss Curling Wand, which is FYI the only curling thing I have personally used that lasts. What infuriates me is that I have the jumbo Glamour Curls iron from the SAME brand and my hair ALWAYS drops that style. Also, don't tell anyone.. But a little bit of this photo isn't my hair. Only a little. Don't tell anyone or I'll know it's you.

I don't really know what I'm concluding here except 1) When I turn 23 I will NOT be curling my hair and 2) I'm getting old.

Enjoy life xo

Monday, 7 November 2011

Best Friends Buy The Best Presents!

Ever since I turned about 15/16, my parents dubbed me as "hard to buy for" as, apparently, I "have everything". I think I'm easy to please. Know me a short while and you'll know I'm very much so a girly girl and pretty things make me smile.

So, for the most part of my later teens and beyond, money has always been my main present. Which I do not begrudge at all, don't get me wrong. But I miss how I used to feel at 5 unwrapping a box that could possibly contain a Barbie/My Little Pony/Care Bear/Whatever I had on my little girl wish list.

So I don't really feel that anymore. Except for with my friends, because, I don't know about you, but I don't so giving friends MONEY as a gift. When it comes to the girls, we try to pick random things we know eachother wants/needs/will adore.

MY wonderful besties (There are 4 of us, we call ourselves The Square) paid attention to my shopaholic-yearning tweets about the new beautifully packaged Stila "Dream
in Full Colour" pallette and to my delight, there it was in my gift bag ! As someone who is well and truly in a whirlwind romance with makeup, that is set to last forever, I wasn't sure if I could bring myself to buy yet ANOTHER pallette. After already building quite a collection so far: The UD Naked Pallette, a Chanel d'ombre eyeshadow plus 4 MAC shadows, all since March this year, I had to hold back. Receiving it as a present has made owning it even more exciting.

On top of this, they also got me a new charm for my Svarovski bracelet, a miniature lipstick - perfect.

I love my square :)


Tuesday, 1 November 2011

NOTD: Nails Inc "Picadilly Circus" FREE with December's Issue of Glamour

Another nail post, I'm afraid.  My Glamour subscription came a few days ago and with sheer happiness I realised there was a little bulge in the postage envelope which could mean only one thing: FREEBIE!

And happiness escalated when I opened it and realised said freebie was a FULL SIZE Nails Inc polish in a colour that is right up my street.

PICADILLY CIRCUS is a beautiful plummy, pinky berry colour.  It actually reminds me of my favourite Barry M nail paint in RASPBERRY, but my one issue with that Barry M one is that it seems like, as time goes on, the colour goes from vibrant berry to a dark bloodish red which is not as nice.

I much prefer my little freebie as the hue of the polish is MUCH more like a berry and less like a vampire's lunch after a couple of days wear.  It did chip after 2 days however, but I didn't apply a top coat I guess.  My nails rarely last long anyway, I think it's swimming teaching that does it. All that time in treated water can't do wonders for the lasting powers of any nail polish.

I am so tempted to go and buy three more issues of Glamour when it comes out in the shops, just so I can collect the other three shades!! Is this really awful? :)  Considering they usually retail at £11, and you get it free with Glamour which only costs £2, this is an amazing freebie.


The Joys of ASOS Timed Sales: Suede & Shearling Shoe Boot Wedge

If you're an ASOS lurver, like me, then you may know by now that every Sunday for the next few weeks are having timed sales from 6pm GMT that go on for 14 hours each time.  They pick an area of apparel and slash prices by 50%!

The first week they had a sale on loads of beautiful party dresses. I bought a couple, but returned one of them as the fit was awful.  The other one I tried in a size 12 fit fine at the bust and looked great from the front, but it  was stupidly baggy in the back, so I have returned it in the hope that the Size 10 will fit.  

This is it here on the left, I just love the curvy block of purple in the middle.  It would give a more straight, boyish figure the illusion of gorgeous curves, and on someone "curvy" like me, I think it could only furthermore compliment my figure.  I used to lust over this dress in the Black/Camel version and after seeing it in this colourway, I knew I had to have it as the other version was always sold out which made me sad. Ha.

Anyway, this dress usually retails at £49.00, but because of the wonderful sale, I got it for £24.50 *insert massive grin here*.

Anyway I am clearly going off on a tangent because what I actually wanted to show you all was the bargain I got in Week 2 of the Sunday Sales.  This week was the winter coats and knits sale, and while I was looking for a new coat to don for the winter I found myself staring at these shoe-boot wedges.

Originally a hefty £65.00, they were reduced down to £32.50 and thanks to my uncle sending me a graduation ASOS voucher of which I had £8 left to play with, I spent £24.50 in total on THESE:

They are made from real suede, with a shearling lining and they look beautiful on.  I can see them being worn with jeans, leggings, opaque tights with shorts/skirts/dresses.  They are really comfortable also, not too high.  For £32.50 that is a bargain.

To be honest, I wouldn't buy them full price as I don't think the quality FULLY matches the price tag. The externals all look great but the actual structure around the ankle FEELS like cardboard covered with suede.  But for the price I paid, I got a bargain, considering how most "cheap shoe" retailers would sell a similar style for the same price that isn't even made of suede.

Got to keep my eye out for clear skies with these little beauties though.  The rain would definitely ruin the suede.  I have already Suede-Protect-Sprayed them :)