Wednesday, 8 August 2012

MoroccanOil vs MiaFlora Pure Argan Oil

I have been using the brand MoroccanOil on my hair for 8 months now. I came across Mia Flora Argan Oil a few weeks ago and have been testing it on my locks since. Read on to see which I think is the best, which I will keep buying and why...

Not long after Christmas 2011, I made my first purchase. Quite a few YouTube gurus were raving about one particular hair product; MoroccanOil. My hair is prone to split ends as I'm not really a regular at my local hairdressers for a trim. Having said that, I am getting better with going for trims, but compared to most girls, I would say I have my hair done less than average. After hearing all the rave reviews about MoroccanOil, I thought I would give it a go.

I opted for the smallest size, as I was new to the product. The teeny tiny 25ml bottle set me back a very high £12.45. Since purchase, I have used this product after every hair wash and I wash my hair no more than three times a week. It was love at first use. I know many people detest the smell but I absolutely love it. It absorbed wonderfully into the dry ends of my hair, and created glossy trusses after every blow dry. I can't ever name a time it made my hair feel greasy. Although very pricey for what is smaller than most miniature bottles you would get at Boots, there is still well over a third left of that bottle. I can see it lasting until the anniversary of it's purchase. I was and still am, a big fan of MoroccanOil.

As my very cute, very transportable bottle is now into it's last half-contents, I have been thinking about repurchasing. Whilst on holiday, I was finding that MoroccanOil wasn't being as effective on my hair's dryness, due to sun exposure, the sea, chlorine etc and I was using a larger amount that usual plus adding more on during the day. So I started to think that maybe I had to look elsewhere for something better.

While recently browsing in a GNC store, I came across the MiaFlora Argan Oil. GNC had a deal on at the time where, if you buy 1 product, you get the same thing again for just £1, if you had their GNC Gold Card (which my boyfriend did). I had read on the MF bottle that the only ingredient was pure Argan oil, nothing else. And thinking back to my little bottle of MO at home, I knew there was other ingredients in there on top of the Argan oil contained in there. I decided that the pure form of the oil was what I needed, so I snapped up the offer and got two bottles for less than £13.00. £13.00 for TWO bottles more than double the size of the MO at 59ml- definite bargain.


I love that the bottle from MF comes with a pippette/dropper instead of having to pour it like the MO bottle. On my first use, after washing I applied a similar amount that I normally use of MO, about the size of a ten pence piece. Big mistake. I was thinking the blow dryer was taking ages to dry my hair.. Until I realised my hair wasn't wet, just oily! There was no time to rectify the mistake and re-wash my hair so I had to live with my clean but oily hair for a couple of days, tied up of course, until the next wash. Second time around, after washing my hair, I squeezed just 3 small drops onto my hand and moved it through my wet hair before blow drying and the results were fantastic. My hair feels softer than before, the ends look deceptively un-split and there is no heavy-hair feeling with the oil use.

Judging by the amount I needed, I can see the two bottles lasting YEARS. My only gripe with the MF pure oil is the scent - it smells of nothing really. But then maybe the perfume added to MO is a reason why it's moisturising factors were less efficient for me in sunny Spain. And although the MF smells "nothingy", it didn't mask the smell of my shampoo and conditioner so my hair still had a gorgeous clean aroma when dry. It's not a very heavy oil, it feels very light and fluid in your hand, hence why I probably over did it the first time.

The MiaFlora boasts uses like: daily moisturiser, cuticle conditioner, body moisturiser, and bath oil as well as a hair conditioning product. I wouldn't personally use it on my face, but I have found it absorbed very nicely into some dry skin patches on my body. I might try it as a bath oil one day and maybe on my cuticles, but for now I will stick to the main purpose I wanted it for.
Will I be buying MoroccanOil again? Doesn't look like it. This MiaFlora looks set to last a long time as a staple in my hair care. I would much rather pay for the pure version than a product that contains all kinds of additives and artificial perfumes.

To get some MiaFlora 100% Argan Oil in your life, you can find it at GNC stores (can't find the oil on their website I'm afraid) or Holland And Barrett for £12.99. I believe they are doing an in-store promotion at the moment where you buy one, get the second for a penny. Even if that offer is over, you're still getting more Argan Oil goodness for your money compared to the MoroccanOil brand.

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  1. Hi Lauren,

    I read your review, it was light and at the same time really informative. Great review!

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  2. Hi, I loved this review as I have just started using the MiaFlora Pure Argan Oil too! I just wanted to say don't be afraid to use it on your face - it's amazing! I've suffered with acne and oily skin for years and all of the moisturisers I've bought in the past for my skin type, even with "natural ingredients", have aggravated my skin and blocked my pores. Argan oil sinks in within minutes with no irritation, no black/white heads, and actually thoroughly moisturises my skin (instead of just sitting on the top) - imagine what it could do for non-problematic skin :)

  3. Hi
    I have just bought Miaflore argan oil from Holland and Barrett, also used oil of Morocco and wondering if you can add the argan oil into the tint before applying, as I do with the Moroccan oil.

    thank you

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  5. I have very dry sensitive skin,I've been using mf argan oil on my face for over a week now but for some unknown reason its causing red patchy areas.

  6. I defo use this on my face too ... super impressed ! Lighter than the Dr Organics too!

  7. Hello.

    Could you please tell me where to get Miaflores Argan Oil in Spain? Thank you1